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Monday, April 5, 2010

Time to Pick Our First Book!!

Ok the time has come to vote on our first book. I took the four choices I had posted originally in my first post and added one more that was suggested over and over in the comments. The sooner we start the better so that we can all finish reading this book by the end of April. Once this book is chosen we can begin the chapter discussions and general conversation about the book itself.

Vote on the book between  NOW and Friday, April 9th. 

If the book is chosen that you are not interested in, or we discuss faster than you are able to keep up, just leave comments whenever you deem fit. You don't have to participate in a book discussion to stay a part of the club.

Let the voting begin! I will post the results of the poll this weekend and we can begin to read. 
Vote on 1st Book!



Kat said...

It would be interesting to read anyof these books. I've actually read the lovely bones, but I would not mind reading it again. Im a repeat reader, meaning that I love to reread books over and over again. I have such a huge collection of books. I love a huge range of authors, from jodi picoult to sophie kinsella to dan brown.

Kimberly said...

So many AWESOME choices! Can't wait to participate! The only book that I think I would have trouble reading, and this is on a personal level would be The Time Traveler's Wife, due to fact that my husband and I are knee deep in infertility issues (about to begin our 1st IVF cycle) and I think it would hit way to close to home (or so my friends have said) either way ~ Nat this is an AWESOME idea!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Yea the Time Traveler's Wife has some interesting ups and downs regarding fertility. If you are dealing with it yourself right now, I'd avoid the book unless you want to hear about another couple's struggles. I'm almost done reading it though. It's good!

Anonymous said...

i thought you were a teacher.

why didn't you tell us you were a secretary?