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Monday, July 26, 2010

August Book: Linger


In honor of Maggie Stiefvater’s  much anticipated follow up (by me and many others) to her NY Times Best Seller Shiver, I have chosen Linger to be the book for the month of August. I follow her on twitter and I feel like she is one of the most personable author’s out there – someone tangible that truly cares about her fans and readers and actually wants to get to know us. Linger debuted as #1 on the NY Times Best Selling List last week and those of us that purchased it had everything to do with it! So congrats!

If you are a supernatural fan that enjoys werewolves then you will love this book. Linger is the sequel to Shiver and one I’ve anticipated reading since the day it arrived on my doorstep. I hope you won’t be upset that I didn’t conduct a book poll this month, but I knew based on the books we had read previously, many of you would want to read this one. All I can say is TRUST ME ON THIS :)
I wanted to let everyone know with enough time so that you could get a head start and read Shiver if you haven’t done so. When I opened the first page of that book, I had to fight myself to put it down and go to sleep. It’s THAT good. You will love the way she writes.
If you are a fan of The Twilight Saga, wait till you meet Sam and Grace.
Oh yea.
Click on the links above to go to Amazon if you need to purchase these books! But hurry!

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella DQ’s

If you decided to read this novella with me, feel free to answer the questions below.


  1. What was your initial thoughts before reading on why this particular character was chosen for a novella. Why Bree? Why not Riley, who is technically more “involved” with the Cullens?
  2. In the beginning of the story, what do you think of Bree and her personality?
  3. Why do you think Stephenie Meyers wrote a novel coming from a newborns perspective?
  4. Knowing Bree has all of two or three lines in Eclipse, and not even four in the movie, how did you feel about her after reading her tale. Do you feel differently?
  5. What do you think of the her growing friendship with Diego?
  6. Why did Fred not use his “powers” on Bree like he did the others?
  7. Why do you think Diego “met the sun” as they say in True Blood and suffered his final death?
  8. Were you surprised to know that the Volturi knew what the newborns were planning? In Eclipse when Edward said to Jane “too bad you didn’t get to do what you came here for” did you read it like he knew?
  9. Did you find that you wanted to keep Bree alive even though you knew the outcome of Eclipse?
  10. Who else would you like to see Stephenie Meyers explore that spawned from the Twilight Saga?



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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What’cha Readin’?

As my last post eluded to, I am sorry I have not been on top of the blog posting for book selections this past month. In my absence, I’d love to know what everyone has been reading.

Feel free to comment below telling all the other Page Turners what you have been reading. If you want to discuss your opinion of the book in the comments, feel free! I’d love to hear it!


PS. Stay tuned because Page Turners will be getting a facelift to match the awesomeness of this blog :)



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July Book Selection

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not posting anything for the month of July. It’s been crazy around here with me finishing my first novel and whatnot. With that being said, I know it’s not an excuse.

So I was thinking…

I have the new Stephenie Meyer’s book The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella. I was thinking that since it’s a novella that is pretty short, if you wanted to read it with me you could. If you don’t want to read it that’s fine. I will create a new blog post for everyone to leave their comments to discuss what books they read and their general thoughts on it. 

Again, I’m sorry I haven’t posted. I feel terrible. I have been reading, but in the audio format if that makes any sense. I have re-“read” the Sookie Stackhouse books 3-7 and Eclipse on audio book format through my iPod.

Let me know in the comments below if you are going to read the Bree Tanner book with me.

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