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The idea of a beauty blogger and vlogger while in BlogTV one night, A Page Turns is a blog that allows beautiful (we are all beautiful) people to discuss what they are reading in one location. Brought together by YouTube, those that participate in this blog are promoting that people can be both intelligent and beautiful.

Each month a book is chosen and over the course of that month blogs will be posted asking for the readers opinions, feelings, et cetera towards the material they read. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it is expected that all of those participating will be mature in their posting.

This book will discuss the chapters in detail so read with caution as spoilers will be seen here.

To participate in this blog, just become a follower and subscribe to email updates. This will allow the moderators to see who is active on the site as well as keep track of participants. You may suggest books to be read, but that doesn't meant that book will be picked right away or at all. There are so many amazing novels out there and this is one way to find out about them.

I hope we are able to have fun with this!