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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May Book Choice: The Host

Winning 18.6% of total votes, The Host by Stephenie Meyer is the chosen book for May 2010!! This book was nominated by Page Turner, Brittny!!

Make your way to your nearest Borders, Barnes and Noble or used bookstore to pick up a copy today if you do not already own one. You can even borrow it from your local library.

As books are chosen each month, the nominee of the winning book will have a Page Turner Profile done on them. This will be a fun way to get to know each other J! Brittny, please email me so that we can get your Page Turner Profile up!!

Official reading of The Host begins Saturday, May 1st, 2010!

Lastly, May is Get Caught Reading month. Stay tuned for more information on what we will be doing in honor of Get Caught Reading!!

To submit a book nomination, please click here!

Page Turners Unite!

*Aukele* (kelegirl6)

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MakeupMandiTX said...

Really love this book. Now I have a reason to read it again. :)

missypa2040 said...

I've had it for a long time but never read it now I have a reason to pick it up...hope it's good!

kelegirl6 said...

Mandi!! Don't think we've received a book nomination from you yet!! Why don't you submit one!! :-)

nat said...

I'm excited about this book - mainly because I read it and in the beginning it was kinda slow - but when it got good - IT GOT GOOD :) I wonder who will nominate The Twilight Saga again - I always read the book just before the movie release!

Anyway, with this book I will try to post more chapter discussions for each each (maybe 2 a week?) to break up the chapters more...

Brittny said...

Im so glad that The Host won...Nat, Im about to email you! And I've wanted to read this book ever since I passed it in Walmart, but I never bought it, now I have the motivation to do so.

kelegirl6 said...


Please email me at ; I have a form for you to fill out for the Page Turner Profile.

Thanks :-)
*Aukele* (kelegirl6)

missypa2040 said...

Nat... I also reread the Twilight books before the movies come out. That's the only reason I picked up this book. I liked her other books so I thought this one must be good. Two chapter discussions sounds good, even just one a week is good to me. Thanks.